Drive. Earn. Play.


SafeDrive will help you keep both hands on the wheel. Focus on the road and get home safe.


Release button
Once you exceed 6 mph or 10 km/h, the SafeDrive algorithm will start awarding you points. The “Release” screen is designed to be boring. It helps you drive safely without distractions.

Pressing the Release button will result in losing the points you made that trip. Our app will double check if that is what you want. We hope you will always press the No button, in order to drive safe and earn all the points you can.

Finished trip

Whenever your speed is under 6 mph or 10 km/h, the screen shows the number of points earned. When you arrive at your destination, the points will be added to your account. Drive safe, earn more.


Your total number of earned points is always visible on the homescreen. Anytime you wish, use your points on discounted products offered by responsible companies. Spend them wise in the SafeDrive Marketplace

The SafeDrive Marketplace is an ever-growing shop with discounted products from partner companies. We are busy covering as many countries as possible, so please bear with us if your country has no offers yet. Meanwhile, help us to get in contact with the brands you want.

Each product has its responsibility price, as you drive more responsibly, you earn more points to exchange for your favorite products.


Do you think you can beat other SafeDrivers? Use your best trip to challenge another SafeDriver from around the world. The higher best trip wins. Give it a try!

Challenge result
The highest best trip wins, therefore drive as safe as possible in order to win a percentage from the total number of your opponent’s total points.

Invite other responsible drivers
As you invite more friends to join SafeDrive and improve road safety, the percentage of points you can lose will reduce. So, start inviting your loved ones to join and Drive Safe.